A few years ago, whenever I typed the name of the existing company ‘nena carney design’ into a search engine, or my phone, it would correct it to ‘newfangledness’.

I’ve always liked this word and decided to have it as the name for my new design company.

It epitomises what I love about design and designers – always searching to create something new and hopefully better and, in this case, with a sense of the traditions which came before and a respect of our craft – design.

I have studied and worked as a designer for a number of years – producing thoughtful and relevant graphic design. I established my own company in 1993 offering affordable solutions for organisations seeking effective professional graphic design. I work closely with my clients to produce well designed publications, identities and websites that add value to their charity or business.

Having studied different aspects of design, including typography, I am a creative with an eye for detail and a wealth of experience who works with other like-minded suppliers. I like to create a strong ‘one team’ philosophy in collaboration with the client and have a commitment to delivering on time.

If you feel newfangledness may be able to help you, please contact Nena Carney to discuss your requirement.